Thesis Festival: Video Archives

Thesis Festival: Video Archives

Thesis Video Recordings

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Thesis Speaker Bios

Note: Alphabetized (Last Name)

Fadeke Adegbuyi is a writer (Cybernaut) currently on an expedition into internet culture.

Evan Armstrong dubs himself a “reformed venture capitalist and strategist now slinging words for a living,” writing business breakdowns, by the numbers here:

Christin Balan is the Editorial Lead at Interintellect, a writer of short speculative fiction (Writer in Progress, W.I.P), and aspiring screenwriter.

Nathan Baschez is the Co-founder of Every, writing about business strategy at

Matt Bateman is a philosopher running Montessorium, a Montessori education research center.

Skye Cleary is a philosopher and author, exploring what it means to live an authentic life (

Jason Crawford is a founder (The Roots of Progress), writer, and speaker about technological progress.

Crystal Duan is the Host Team Lead at Interintellect, writing essays that remind us we’re all main characters in our own lives (Shiz with Crys).

Nat Eliason is a writer focused on living well, seeking wisdom, and building wealth (Infinite Play).

Rob Hardy writes about building a more beautiful internet, and building human-centered businesses that regenerate trust (Ungated).

Jon Hillis is building Cabin, a network city for online creators and currently writing about internet-native communities at

Byrne Hobart writes about inflections in finance and technology in his newsletter The Diff.

Khe Hy is connecting the pursuit of productivity with life’s bigger questions (Rad Reads).

Isabela Granic is a researcher and Director at GEMH Lab, working to promote collective human flourishing.

Li Jin is an investor guru for online creators, currently writing about web3 and the future of being a creator on the internet (Li’s Newsletter).

Irene Karthik is a sporadic blogger (The Poetry Lantern) currently exploring societal flourishing and poetry as a way of healing.

Rohit Krishnan is a venture capitalist and essayist (Strange Loop Canon) currently exploring the philosophy of business.

Sahil Lavingia is building tools for online creators to earn a living, investing, and writing about entrepreneurship (

Anne-Laure Le Cunff is an educator, writer and researcher, currently writing about creativity, learning, and mindful productivity (Ness Labs).

Linus Lee explores software interfaces to help humans become clearer thinkers (, currently investigating applications of AI in collaboration and knowledge tools.

Sonya Mann is an essayist exploring the Internet Age (Sonya Supposedly).

Celese Marcus is the Managing Editor at the Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics, currently writing a biography of the French painter, Chaim Soutine.

Packy McCormick is a writer (Not Boring) and investor, publishing essays on business, strategy, and optimism.

Eric Newcomer is a reporter-turned-writer, currently focusing on the inner workings of the startup industry (Newcomer).

Henry Oliver is a writer and essayist (The Common Reader) currently researching “Late Bloomers.”

Bryce Roberts is a venture capitalist (Indie VC).

Jason Shen is a resilience coach and 3x startup founder, helping people navigate disruptive change (Cultivating Resilience).

Dan Shipper is writing about AI, tools for thought, and the psychology of work at Every Magazine.

Simone Stolzoff is a journalist and the author of the forthcoming book The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work.

Elaine Wang is a writer and novelist, fascinated by people and how we relate to each other (manners & mystery).

Eugene Wei is an essayist exploring social networks and the consumer internet (Remains of the Day).

Tamara Winter is an editor at Stripe, currently investigating infrastructure on the Beneath the Surface podcast.

Visakan Veerasamy is a thread-master, weaving together a global network of friendly, ambitious nerds (visa’s voltaic verses).

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