Thesis Festival (10% Off!)

Thesis Festival (10% Off!)

10% Off for ii Monthly Subscribers, ii Hosts, and Student Members!

ii Monthly Subscribers, ii Hosts, and Student Members can get 10% off of either their Thesis online or Thesis offline ticket purchases by applying code: [iithesis10].

Feb 25th in New York. Online everywhere.

Learn more about the Thesis conference . 


Includes Thesis presentations, curated discussion groups, and an afterparty!

  • Curated audience group
  • Small discussion groups to chat through ideas with writers
  • Presentations from 15+ writers
  • Afterparty with event participants and writers


Small discussion groups with curated writers and audiences plus livestream of the presentation in New York.

  • 3+ French style salons
  • 2 Keynote Presentations exclusive to online participants
  • Access to a livestream of all in-person presentations

All speakers are subject to change. Cover art by Hornheim.