On Being an Imperfect Intellectual

On Being an Imperfect Intellectual

People often think being an intellectual requires an excellent education and the ability to speak with knowledge and charm about virtually any topic. But being an imperfect intellectual doesn’t take a specific kind of background or personality. It’s all about curiosity and a love of learning.

Changing times and technologies have given us access to tools for building and sharing knowledge that previous generations never had. As a result, people from all walks of life and all parts of the world can now choose to have a public intellectual practice. Imperfect intellectuals are seizing that opportunity—in the midst of balancing work, relationships, information overload, and general busyness, we’re determined to have a satisfying life of the mind. 

We realize everything we learn about philosophy, art, science, technology, history, etc. enriches all other parts of our lives. We relish becoming better and better thinkers, engaging in deep conversations, and having good-natured debates that demonstrate how well-informed thinking can lead to different conclusions. 

We also know that being an intellectual isn’t an achievement: It's an ongoing adventure that’s most rewarding when shared with others, which is what Interintellect is all about. So, this year we’re going to share short Imperfect Intellectual Guides to add a little extra inspiration and enjoyment to our mutual intellectual wanderings. Here’s to a fascinating journey!

An Imperfect Intellectuals Guide