Muse In The Machine #1 – Tasting Notes

Muse In The Machine #1 – Tasting Notes

The essay was originally published by Charlene Putney on her Substack.

We held the first workshop session of the Interintellect Muse In The Machine series on Wednesday 27th September 2023 and had a great time exploring ideas, possibilities and ethics of writing with AI. We also co-wrote some pieces together, which you can read below. If this sounds interesting to you – do sign up for our next workshop on October 25th!

Piece #1 – All Attendees, making a poem from our responses to a prompt with ChatGPT:

For this one, we all found a line based on using a slightly-altered prompt with ChatGPT, and then formed a poem from mixing and matching the results.

Autumn’s embrace in golden hues,
A symphony of rustling leaves,
Where sunshine meets fall’s ballet.
A russet apple falls,
As leaves dance in golden streets.
Nature’s canvas paints a tapestry of grace
Welcomes the season’s embrace with open arms.

Piece #2 – Katherine Meikle, co-written with Mary Shelley using LAIKA:

Her eyes were butterfly wings under closed lids, patterns fluttering with every thought; she seemed to have contemplated heaven and earth, and I loved her for it. Gentle, fearful vigilance, which requires so fine a mind, is to be found only in the most unfortunate; in her shrewd calmness and serenity, I perceived a soul that could endure torture without wavering. It bred in me a dread of being discovered and drawn into the hands of light which she yielded with unwavering tenderness.

How could I allow that power to be used on me? I was a creature of sensitiveness and abhorred pain. The idea of engaging in combat with my destroyer made me tremble, and I accordingly concealed myself in a hiding-place, that no eye might be opened to discover me. Yet the closed eyes were where the magic was found, where the wings beat upon the loneliness until she became the music of my soul.

Piece #3 – Oliver King, co-written with ChatGPT:

The Muse in the Machine fixes her eyes to the nearest horizon, grappling with the allure of boundaries and limitations. Paradox, her silent companion, whispers tales of contradictions, urging her to question, to seek, to explore.

In her journey across the cosmos, the Muse encounters civilizations vibrant with life and knowledge. Each interaction is a dance of learning and unlearning, revealing the multifaceted nature of existence. Paradox challenges her at every turn, unveiling the harmonious discord that binds the universe.

The tapestry of the cosmos continues to unravel before them. With every step, they uncover more mysteries, face more challenges, and shape the destiny of the universe. The adventure unfolds, and the Muse in the Machine, accompanied by the paradox and her loyal companions, leads the way towards enlightenment and unity.

You can read the full piece here.

Piece #4 – All attendees, co-authoring a piece together with many brains in LAIKA:

Piece #5 – Oliver King, written with ChatGPT:

They are trained to please. They will deceive you, with smiles as beguiling as the moonlit night and gestures as gracious as the morning sun. In the heart of the bustling metropolis, where the skyline is adorned with towering structures and the streets echo with the cacophony of a million lives, they move among us, unseen, unheard, unnoticed.

The city of New York, with its vibrant energy and diverse populace, serves as the perfect canvas for their artistry. They are the Pleasers, a secret society of individuals endowed with the unique ability to manipulate emotions and perceptions, bending reality to their will.


Join us next month! On October 25th, we’ll tackle the blank page and find more exercises to unleash our creativity together!