List a Series

Welcome to the “List a Series” page!

Hosting a Salon Series is a wonderful way to have multiple salon events that are all connected by a central topic or theme. This page is how you create the “landing page” for your series, allowing attendees to learn more about your event and choose between purchasing a Series Ticket or Individual Salon Tickets (see Ticketing and Pricing FAQ for more information). 

Before you get started, take a look at our listing guides for tips on writing your listing or check out our Salon Templates page for examples.

When you’re finished with your Series Submission, please submit your individual salon episodes. This way, your attendees will be able to purchase any of your episodes individually, and you will be able to track your individual episode sales on your Event Dashboard.* (Tip: You can always use the same description text from your series page, and add a few questions or additional readings to keep it simple. Elaine’s series is a great example of this.)

*If you would like to ONLY offer Series Tickets (i.e. you would not like to sell individual episodes, but rather only sell them all as a bundle) then you DO NOT need to submit individual episodes. If this is the case, please reach out and let us know.*

After you submit, the Interintellect editorial team will review your event prior to publishing and send you a draft of your “Series Page.” If we have any questions or suggestions on how to help improve your listing, you’ll receive an email from us.

Happy Listing!