Interintellect Offline Socials

Interintellects are all over the world. IRL events can be casual meetups or a space for focused, lively discussions you know from online salons. Find or host an IRL near you!

Discover offline events organized by the Interintellect community in popular cities using the buttons below. To see all past and upcoming in-person gatherings, visit this page!

Interintellect members can also connect with other Interintellects living in various cities around the world through our community Discord forum.

Coming Soon

Soon we’ll have partnerships with different venues in these cities where you can meet, hang out, talk and create new friendships! Until then, feel free to go to your favorite park, coffee shop, rooftop, restaurant to have amazing conversations with your local ii community. Go ahead and host your IRL!

We’re always on the lookout to discover new areas within our awesome community that we haven’t explored yet, and where you all want us to go. We’ve asked, and you’ve answered! If you don’t see your city here, feel free to add it to the Twitter thread or post it to the 🌳irl_salons Discord channel!