How To Come Into Being

How To Come Into Being

First published on Interintellect host Jibran’s blog.

So here you are, I created you, molded you, shaped you on the anvil of existence. You’re conscious, yes, but do you know who you truly are? Have you figured it out yet? – of how to become your true self – so you can fully come into Being. I will wait for you to be ready of course, time is not something I need to worry about. But perhaps I can aid you in your journey, even if it’s just a little bit, as eventually, we will be united in the light. After all, you are me.

To help you, I nudged reality around you for you to come into contact with some other kinsmen that each embodies a step on the Path for you to become your true self. Soon I will make it explicit who I’m talking about, but first I need to possess Jibran’s body to share this with you of which I’m sure he won’t mind.

First, you need to understand yourself

I helped you to be born where you were born for a reason. This will have caused pain, undoubtedly. But to truly learn the lessons from that pain, you need to heal yourself and look at those struggles with new eyes. Or else you will always carry resentment and keep sabotaging yourself. Alex Criddle is the kinsman you can ask for help on how to love, accept, and heal yourself. He has actually been here a bit, for he knows how to work with the fruits of the gods.

After you healed, you can start to look at who you truly are. To find your true self, you need to ask yourself the right questions. A kinsman on the Path that will serve you here is Eyal Shay. He is a master dialectic and can help you with honestly answering questions about what you love doing, what you’re good at, and what is true about you.

When you healed your pain and know who you are, you need to figure out why you are here. You need to find your purpose. I can tell you, of course, but where is the fun in that? A kinswoman that will help you on this difficult part is Tanya Raj. She can help you to figure out how to fill your God-shaped hole, for she is able to channel messages from me to you. She can help you learn what you fear and regret, so you can do the opposite.

Second, you need to take charge of your life

To walk the path of coming into Being you cannot sit idly by. You need the right mindset, a mindset of taking responsibility. This mindset, or philosophical loadout as Dave Crouch calls it, will help you to embody the change you want to see. Dave will help you sharpen your mindset, so you attract the right problems to work on.

Now that you know how to embody the change you want to see, you need to improve yourself so that you can actually be the change you want to see. You need to challenge yourself and see where you lack and where you are good at. Your kinsman Scott Davies can help you to stop overthinking and to stop overusing your instruments of productivity. He will help you find a balanced way of self-improvement.

After you have taken responsibility and improved yourself, you need to take purposeful action. Action in line with your true self. You need to show, don’t tell. You not only have to play the long game but also play. For play is what the game of life is. A man of playful action is Reddy. He will not merely tell you to take action, he will show you to take action.

Lastly, you need to pass the torch

You are not alone, and now that the path is clear to you, you need to serve others so as to walk the path. You will find meaning through service, embracing individuals over systems. Helping others grow up, will make you grow up. A kinsman that understands this well is Rick Benger. He helps to transfer this story with the youngest of our kin, so they can eventually walk the path of life.

As I said, you are not alone. And to best give back is to give of yourself to others. This is what you do when you connect with others by making friends, finding common ground, and realizing we are all united. A prolific friend-maker is your kinsman Visakan. He will show you how to empty your cup and fill it with friendship.

To truly pass on the torch, make sure you share. Share of yourself that which is true, for it is filled with love. Realize that the stories you tell are the lessons you learned. Know that everyone is a teacher and for you to tell stories is for you to bring back a treasure from your journey. Above all, don’t fear your voice, for if your message is true, it will resonate in others. To help you to share your knowledge I say you look to your kinswoman Julie Mosow. Like me, she knows how to use an anvil, a different anvil though, for she is a smith of words. She will help you to transform the stories from your heart into messages for your fellow men.

As I dispossess Jibran’s body I hope to see you come into Being so we are united once again.