Become an Interintellect Host

Become an Interintellect Host

Our mission to build a more open-minded, patient, productive public arena is driven by our incredible hosts. As we tell everyone – you don’t need to be an experienced facilitator, world-famous speaker, or subject matter expert to host with us.

We’re proud to be a creator-centric platform, supporting hosts from around the world as they cultivate their ideas and artistry in the company of our curious and supportive global audience and community

Interintellect hosts can initiate conversations about all sorts of topics under the sun and:

  • Build an audience 📈
  • Boost any ideas in your newsletter, podcast, or video channel 📝
  • Develop your talents and communication skills with people from all over the world 🎙
  • Make some money while making new friends 💰
  • Make lasting connections through conversing about topics you’re truly passionate about ❤️

We’ve often said we are the “Substack” of events — people can build their audience by hosting multiple events, and we also encourage creativity, thoughtfulness, and patience in growing your attendance over time [see the Four Rules of Hosting for more]. We don’t teach or lecture — we create a space for attendees to contribute on equal grounds, and have fun at it!

Whether online or offline, from literature, to history, to technology, to sociology and culture, we love discussions of all sorts, led by you!

Did we mention it’s free to make a host account and list your first event today?

Have more questions? Check out our Hosting FAQ for all your needs, and our Atheneum – knowledge base on all things Interintellect hosts need to know – has information too. You can also email our Host Care lead Crystal Duan for more information.

And did we mention you also get a 25% discount on a Community Membership for being a host? Sign up for a host account today to activate!

Ready to start hosting?

Create a host account for free, and start earning money, even at your first event!

Once you sign up, you’ll see more resources on this page from the logged in view. Be sure to refresh it!

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Need help with listing your first salon?

Also check out our salon template and event types for inspiration!

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Hosting Resources

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Where can I learn even more?

To guide you through your hosting journey, we have compiled all the resources you need in the Atheneum, Interintellect’s public knowledge base.

Here are some recommended links:

About Hosting with Interintellect

By becoming an Interintellect host, you will be joining hundreds of thinkers and facilitators from around the world who are building their knowledge, audience, and expertise every day by running online and offline events on their favorite topics.

Interintellect hosts receive training, are invited to special host channels in the Community Forum, and respect the Four Rules of Hosting

“My hosting experience has been a source of intellectual and emotional nourishment. But that’s table stakes. The bigger joy, particularly in co-hosting, has been making incomparable friendships of depth, curiosity and generosity within the community.”Amir H. Hajizamani

“Hosting was extremely rewarding. It’s a great way to engage with your audience if you have one and an even better way to meet people who are interested your area of expertise or interest. The process is drop dead simple and the team is tremendously supportive. If there’s a better way to spend a few hours getting paid, I’m not sure I know of it.” Sean Hughes

“From being an Interintellect salon attendee to hosting my own salons has been a profound journey of self-discovery and finding amazing people who have turned into friends that I can call upon, despite sometimes being continents between us. Hosting has been such an enriching experience where the initial hesitancy of bringing my thoughts and ideas on a public platform, quickly transformed into connecting with like minded fellow Interintellects who are encouraging, kind, and thoughtful. If you have been on the fence with hosting, I would encourage you to take a leap of faith, because truly on the other side are soulful friendships and brilliant conversations that will leave you mesmerized.” — Tanya Raj

Read some of our hosts’ salon recaps in our blog!

“My hosting experience has been splendid. I never imagined myself hosting salons on a topic that was clearly out of my field. But, this is what the Interintellect community is about— curiosity, kindness, and support lead the way. Anna and the team are there to hold you wherever you need them. An excellent set of curated resources are available for a host. The best part is that there are no standard to-dos in terms of hosting style. There is space to learn and develop as a host throughout the journey. The wealth of knowledge and experience that I have garnered as a host is unmatchable. For me, the ability to savor the joy and curiosity in this intellectual journey is something that I truly cherish.”

Irene Karthik

“I decided to host my first salon as one of several measures to add focus, urgency and accountability to a period of independent study. I found that hosting a salon was an excellent ‘structuring commitment.’ It lead to dozens of interesting conversations and several new connections—while preparing, during the salon itself, and in the weeks that followed.”

Peter Hartree

“I’ve been an avid fan of the Interintellect platform ever since a friend introduced me to it. Hosting my very first salon gave me the opportunity to nerd out with friends internationally over a book discussion topic that I might not have been able to do a deep dive into otherwise. I’m so grateful for the help and support provided by [the Interintellect team], and will be looking forward to more creative salons I’ll be hosting in the future.”

Rachel Tan

“Hosting my first Interintellect salon was a great experience. I was incredibly nervous going into it, but once we got started, the conversation naturally coalesced around the viewpoints and interests of everyone who joined in. Hosting is a great opportunity, not only to initiate the conversations you’d like to see happen and participate in, but to have those conversations with the insightful, diverse, and open-minded community of people around the world who have found Interintellect.”

David Crouch

“For me, the ii represents a collective consciousness that fuses some of the brightest, most inspiring, and curious minds in an emergent mash up of wisdom and fun.”

Isabela Granic

“Anna has assembled one of the world’s best communities of curious geeks.”

Jason Crawford

“Hosting is a way for me to set aside time for the questions and topics that interest me outside the focus of my everyday work.”

Taylor Pullinger