Hosting with Interintellect

Hosting with Interintellect

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Hosts get a 25% discount on a Community Membership for being a host! Sign up for a host account today to activate! Perks of the Interintellect Membership include:

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Host trainings

Host Care Lead Crystal Duan has been teaching hosts the basics in her new host training videos! Check them out below

More training videos

Host Training Videos (Click Here)

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Stronger Voices: Vocal Tips for Talking for Hours with Alma Cook
How to Get Published with Kate Lee of Stripe Press
Choosing a Salon Topic with Nasos Papadopoulos
Q&A with Newbie and Veteran hosts Nastasia Griffioen and Isabela Granic
How to get good at Twitter with Visakan Veerasamy
What Can We Learn from Moderating User Research Sessions with Olena Bulygina
How We Can Ask for More and “Sell” Ourselves – For Introverts! with Bronwyn Williams
The Host's Journey - Act 1: The Separation with Helena Ng
From Idea to First Draft: Can Anyone Write a Book? With Kate Lee of Stripe Press
Our First Post-Pandemic Host Training for OFFLINE Salons!
The Host's Journey - Act 2: The Descent with Helena Ng
Alaka Halder on Hosting Hybrid salons (4 mins)
Zohar Atkins on Building and Audience for Your Salon (3 mins)
The Host's Journey - Act 3: The Initiation with Helena Ng
Back to School! – Host Training with Anna
How to Host an Interintellect Salon Series with Jason Crawford
An Introduction to Video Production with Olga Yakimenko
Host Training: An Introduction to Audio/Podcast Production with Daniel Golliher
The Host's Journey - Act 4: The Return with Helena Ng
Science to the People – Hosting Science Salons 101 with Donald Frederick